Contemporary Indian Art Other Masters Collection
This blog shows all the most important pieces, more than four hundred, from Hervé Perdriolle's Collection. This collection, collected since 1996, gives the opportunity to discover the styles of the principals contemporary tribal and folk art forms of India through the best works of these "Other Masters". Photos Copyright Hervé Perdriolle

jivya soma mashe herve perdriolle art collection india
Jivya Soma Mashe et Hervé Perdriolle, Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf 2003.

The "Other Masters" This is the first big show of Indian folk art ever to be held in India, and it would be nice to think that it might stimulate a greater interest in these artists. But it's hard to be optimistic. Strange to think that after 3,000 years, India could have lost its taste for its own art. Newsweek, April 27, 1998 >>> read more

Life and Times of J. Swaminathan Swaminathan wrote that "cultural experiences and activity in India is a multi-level phenomenon – and these levels are often mutually independent and non-interacting – it is the urban and the so-called modern sense of contemporarity that appears to dominate the scene and thus to distort the real perspective". Likewise, Swaminathan pondered over the tribal culture and throughout his life he kept on addressing the people and tried to give the tribal expression a proper place in the global art and cultural fora. As an artist and a man of institutions he kept on guiding people from all walks of life who value Culture and human endeavour in wider perspective. Life and Times of J. Swaminathan >>> read more

Hervé Perdriolle invite you to his new art gallery in apartment (images above) in the heart of the Latin Quarter, near the Sorbonne and the Pantheon, to discover his Indian tribal and folk arts collection. Thank you to contact us before your visit.
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